Nutraj Signature Roasted And Salted California Almonds 200G (Pack Of 2)

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Brand: Nutraj
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Perfectly roasted and salted is this pack of two Premium California almonds from Nutraj. Nutraj is a pioneer name in the trade of healthy bites, and offers the finest variety of nuts and dried fruits from around the world. Process, hygiene and quality are the major parameters which are laid major emphasis on under this label. Almonds make a healthy snack as they are packed with protein essential for muscle building and bones. They help in preventing osteoporosis and are beneficial for the skin and complexion. As they keep you feeling full, they are an excellent choice for weight loss and post workout snack. Good source of fibre, calcium, zinc and antioxidants, this pack of almonds is essential for a healthy heart. Also, this packet has been vacuum packed to retain freshness and crispiness of the almonds.

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